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Welcome to Kompose home page at http://kompose.sourceforge.net/

Latest update 5/Apr/2001 18:02:53

Kompose is a multi-threaded email (MUA) client, that gives support to the most used protocols like IMAP and POP3, it also is integrated to the KDE 2 graphic environment, and maybe someday it will be the default client on the KDE install ;).

It is in earlier stage, i'm making now the graphic interface, and adding some things to the feature list, so if you want to see a client with X or Y feature, please drop me an email

Kompose features:

  • POP and IMAP support
    • POP
      • Connect and disconnect
      • Retrive and delete
      • Parse and get attachments
      • Syncronize between servers
    • IMAP
      • Connect and disconnect
      • Retrive and delete
      • Parse and get attachments
      • Syncronize between servers
      • Syncronize between servers (folders)
    • Configuration
      • Accounts and Network
      • Layout, colors and fonts
      • Security
      • Windows places and sizes
  • Contacts support
  • HTML in messages received
  • HTML in messages composed
  • Support for attachments
  • Organizer
  • Schedule and tasks
  • Synchronization of Schedule, Contacts and Organizer
  • Syncronization with other users also, like MS Outlook(r)
  • Syncronization of preferences and configuration like Netscape(r) synchronization
    • LDAP connection
  • Palm Pilot syncronization support
  • Live update
Features in RED are the ones in development
Features in GREEN are the ones finished
Features in BLACK are the ones planned


You may want to try the code.... well, check this.
  • Kompose v0.0.3 (configuration is almost done, working with network, pop3 and imap functionality)
  • Kompose v0.0.2 (the GUI is almost done, working on configuration functionality)

  • Screen Shots:

    Main Window

    Compose Window

    Add Contact Window

    Network Preferences Window

    Security Preferences Window

    Add IMAP Account Window
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